The Humpty Dance

Hello. I ‘m Alistair Cooke and welcome to Masterpiece Theater.

Even though I am still dead, I am compelled to comment on a seminal song from the end of the last century – The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground and MC Humpty.

“The Humpty dance
Is your chance
To do The Hump”

Startling lyrics indeed demarking the end of MC as the alpha male and the beginning of a more thoughtful Hip Hop narrated by rapping MC’s, often with a mesmerizing “hook”, sampled or otherwise.

The Humpty Dance was the first of its genre to innovate cross-marketing.

“I’m a freak
I like the girls with a broom
I once got busy in a Burger King bathroom”

Case in point, Burger King sales increased 17% during the time song was on the charts.

If you have heard their voices, you know that┬áTony Dungy and Humpty are one in the same person. Tony was a failed college quarterback and took two years off to pursue his true passion – music. The fake nose and glasses were used to protect his identity in case he later decided to resume his football career.

Sadly, after two years, Mr. Dungy got a job coaching in college which explains why Humpty was never heard from again.

And now, I give you The Humpty Dance.

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