Shark Tank 2 – Oh Hell No

I am just fascinated by the Mensch on the Bench. It is a Hanukkah doll for Jewish kids. The pitch on the TV show Shark Tank was that Christmas celebrants have the Elf on the Shelf. Why not a Mensch on a Bench?

The doll was so popular it was adopted as the mascot for the Israeli baseball team in the recent World Baseball Classic. It was like a Jewish Philly Phanatic.

Based on it’s popularity as a mascot, we now have a five foot tall mensch doll.

There must be other products we can bring to market that might just strike a chord like the MOAB.

Why shouldn’t children be part of home defense? Introducing the safe but deadly Rock in a Sock.

Swung like a medieval mace, it is safe to use by kids but will utterly smash the skulls of would-be home invaders.

The original TV series and recent movie ChiPs shows the adventures of the California Highway Patrol on motorcycles. Since that term is copyrighted, I propose… wait for it… the Chopper Copper. Batteries not included.

What about a flower pot shaped like a pair of pants? I give you, Plants in the Pants. You soil the pants with a potting mixture. Seeds included.

Doctor Donut. Batteries included – and internet ready! Tell Doctor Donut what ails you and he will prescribe a type of donut. Move over Alexa, Doctor Donut will also order your donuts over the web.

With a USB to PC cable, Doctor Donut will take you to sites explaining the history of donuts. Doctor Donut is your gateway to all things donuts.

If successful, the follow-on product would be Paulie Pizza.

You always have to have other ideas in the hopper. You can’t be a one trick pony. Shark Tank wants people with a vision.

I am that people.

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